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Automaton Scales Up For 2017

Published on 9th January 2017

Just over a year ago 10 of us established Automaton Games. Some of us were computer scientists and executives looking for the next big challenge, and some had just started working in games where it was obvious that their potential was untapped. With backing from the Cambridge Ventures Group, we were set to experiment for a year before growing into a AAA studio. Throughout 2016 we've focused on hiring and developing our art team, and creating the technical foundations for our ambitious plans. We've also released an early access version of Deceit, a small experimental game that takes the form of an asymmetric first-person shooter, giving us the experience needed to determine an efficient development process going forward in 2017.

Having been the first team to push a public game on the new CryEngine platform we've done a huge amount of the groundwork needed for us to bring Deceit to AAA quality. There's still a lot to do: with our early access release in October we had only an Alpha build on a never-before-used engine, with only a small section of its gameplay; but through weekly updates we've come a long way, partly thanks to a very involved early access community. In February we will be launching Deceit out of Early Access, a great feat to achieve in quite a small timeframe, whilst still building our team out.

However, that is only the beginning. With 7 figures of additional investment, Automaton will be growing substantially in the new year. We have been preparing to develop a virtual world sandbox game that both pushes the PC platform to its limits, and extends across multiple platforms and media. We're keeping the details fairly close to our chests for now, but if you're an ambitious person with an interest in next-gen virtual worlds, consider taking a look at the positions we have available now!