Redefining Massively Multiplayer

Our focus is pushing the boundaries of massively multiplayer online experiences. Automaton's expert teams and scientific development methodology are focused on creating unprecedented online games and virtual worlds.

Tomorrow's Gaming Technology

We believe that being smart pays off. The tools and systems developed by our world-leading engineering team and platform partners unlock potential that has previously stunted the performance and growth of the games industry.

Our Projects

Since 2015 we've been working on the groundwork for a new generation of massively multiplayer online experiences. In 2017 we evolved an in-house demo into the psychological shooter "Deceit", now a popular game on Steam. We've since announced our 1000-player AAA shooter "Mavericks", and an upcoming fantasy game that will change how we interact with virtual worlds.

Join the squad

We're committed to understanding what gamers really want and delivering outstanding experiences that revolutionise multiplayer gaming. Interested in joining our studio in Cambridge, UK? Visit our careers page for more information.